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Euroboor's unique annular cutters!

Euroboor HSS annular cutters are unique in many ways. Multiple cutting teeth cut only the material around the periphery of the hole, leaving a solid metal slug. Because the cutting surface of annular cutters is spread out over multiple cutting teeth, they remain sharper for a longer period of time and can create 5 to 10 times more holes that traditional twist drills. No pre-drilling or step drilling is required.

Euroboor cutters have unique geometry and random-space tips, which provides clear cutting, fast feed rates, less vibration, a smooth hole surface and a longer tool life. Euroboor annular cutters have a weldon shank, meaning they can be used on all types of machines, not just your Euroboor magnetic based drill. They can be widely used in drilling steel, copper, aluminium, stainless steel and plastics, in either a plate or pipe form.

Using an annular cutter:

1. The pilot pin accurately centres the cutter over the area to be drilled.

2. When drilling, the pilot pin retracts and allows the internal lubrication to reach the cutting teeth.

3. When the hole is complete, the slug is automatically ejected from the cutter, leaving an accurate, finished hole.


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