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What are the different taps for ?


Hand Tap

Hand taps are for general purpose applications such as production tapping or hand tapping operations. Taper, plug and bottoming styles provide versatility in tough materials, blind and through holes. The most accurate holes require a taper (top), Intermediate (middle) and a bottoming (bottom) tap to create a perfect finish.

Spiral Point Tap

Spiral point taps have the same general physical dimensions as standard hand taps.  However, the spiral point tap has the cutting face of the first few threads cut at a predetermined angle relative to the tap's axis angle to force the evacuation of chips ahead of the cutting action.  This feature, plus the excellent shearing action of the flute, make spiral point taps ideal for production tapping of through holes.  Typically, this type of tap has a shallower flute passage than conventional taps.  This gives the spiral point tap more cross-sectional area, which means great strength, allows higher tapping speeds, and requires less power to drive. The spiral point taps are also referred to as gun taps.

Spiral Fluted Tap

Spiral flute taps feature spiral flute design rather than conventional straight flutes. The spiral fluting feature aids in evacuating chips out of the tapped hole. Spiral flute taps are ideal for hard materials or in blind hole where the swarf needs to be drawn out.